ALISON BARTON: co-creator//EP

Alison lives in Brooklyn and is an actress, singer, and writer. She's a sucker for a man with a moustache, and she earned her BFA in Drama from the University of Connecticut.  Her karaoke repertoire includes Missy Elliot's "Work It" and the Ying Yang Twins' seminal hit, "The Whisper Song."  More about her here:

Note: Alison is currently recovering from a Candy Crush Saga addiction that nearly derailed her career.  Please don't ask her about it.

BONNIE DENNISON: co-creator// EP

Bonnie -- often mistaken for Molly when introduced in noisy environments - go ahead, try saying the two names out loud and see how similar they sound. Go ahead. She'll wait. Good? OK well also she is an actress and has been since she was a kid when she got her start on Reading Rainbow (no she didn't meet LeVar Burton). She's been a series regular on TV shows (Third Watch and Guiding Light) and done films (most recently Beneath). She was born and raised in NYC where she currently resides. Her dentist has advised her to get her wisdom teeth out, but they don't hurt her so she is reluctant to do so. 

MEREDITH ROSE: co-creator//EP

Meredith, AKA murder, is an O.G. from New Jersey and currently resides there, and most likely will always have a place there. BRUCE!  She is a comedian, actress, writer, landscape designer; which means she can make you laugh but cannot shave her legs continuously.  She earned her landscape architecture degree from Rutgers University and is working on unpacking the serious amount of baggage she carries.

All of the cast/crew members listed below are credited for "EPISODE 1."  (Not yet released) 

Kristina Woo (DIRECTOR/ PRODUCER) is a producer and director in NYC. An NYU undergraduate film alum, she has worked at IFP, Sikelia Productions and wrote for at the 59th Cannes Film Festival. She produced films that have premiered at the LA Shorts Fest, Tribeca Film Festival, PBS, mtvU and the Menil Collection, Houston, TX. In 2011, she was a finalist in Porsche’s “My Daily Magic” short film contest and NYU’s Columbus/Vague Production Grant Program. Currently, she works at Cinetic Media in film sales and consulting. When the time is right, she plans on publishing a book of humorous essays and haikus entitled Tall For An Asian

Badger Denehy (EDITOR/ CINEMATOGRAPHER) is a Texas bred editor who has worked on everything from the Superbowl to Lifetime movie trailers. He is 1/4 bear.


Aaron C. Peer (CAMERA OP)  is an adoptive New Yorker. He enjoys film, music and sandwich making.

Danny Tamberelli (BARTENDER) is a writer, actor, producer and co-creator of ManBoobs Sketchy Comedy and has been in the Film and Television industry for over 25 years. He got his start on the cult series “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” where he played “Little Pete”, the comic relief in the show. He starred in the sketch comedy series "All That”, which he was credited as a sketch writer as well as a cast member. He has collaborated and performed with many comedians such as Paul F. Tompkons, Chris Elliott, Matt Besser, Doug Benson and Kenan Thompson. Danny is currently partnered with Funny or Die, College Humor as well as Feral Audio for an upcoming podcast, "The Adventures of Danny and Mike"

Kenneth Llort (SOUND) is a teacher by day and quasi-talented musician/producer/videographer by night. He is most widely known for his uncredited work as "Park Bench Sitter #2" in the 2009 straight to DVD Pauly Shore film "Opposite Day".  When he grows up he wants to be an astronaut and/or a ninja.

Sonya Klinger (ANTONIA) mastered the art of sarcasm in 1989, and has been making bad puns ever since. She grew up in a little shtetl called New Jersey, until moving to Ithaca, NY for college at the tender and impressionable age of 17. We're happy to report that she has made it out of Ithaca dreadlock free, and currently resides in New York City. When she's not following her dreams as a professional party crasher, she's working for a TV Production Company, jumping in front of cameras any chance she gets. A full-time insomniac, Sonya spends her evenings following mediocre electro-punk bandsand asking bartenders if they can charge her phone.

Zak Kamin (BOYFRIEND) was born and raised outside Boston, Massachusetts.  Performed regionally at Connecticut Rep, the Hangar Theatre, the Vineyard Playhouse, and the Lost Colony, as well as Columbia Stages, the East 4th St Theatre, the Bushwick Starr, Interborough Rep, and Dixon Place in New York.  Regular performer and writer at the People's Improv Theatre with sketch group Nerds On Fire.  Considers Rocky IV and Tommy Boy to be the greatest cinematic achievements of all time.  Dislikes avocados and the word "loaf."

Alexandra Perlwitz (GIRL AT BAR) loves elephants, whales, dolphins, macaroni and cheese, and crystals.  She enjoys hanging out with her grandparents (the most badass people you will ever meet) and walking on the beach.